Enterprise SSL EV

SSL247®: Official EnterpriseSSL and Sectigo experts

EnterpriseSSL, powered by Sectigo, the largest CA in the world and supplied by SSL247, is a premium product designed especially for enterprise clients. EnterpriseSSL comprising OV and EV certificates prioritises your security and confidentiality. In addition to receiving the highest level of existing encryption and best-in-class validations and issuance times, EnterpriseSSL offers high value add-ons to all their certificates including (but not limited to) SSL Labs Healthcheck performed by Qualys, CodeGuard website backup and VA scan by Qualys.
Each certificate in the range has a specific purpose, so whether you're securing internal domains and IP addresses or those that are external (public-facing), there's a certificate that will secure your web infrastructure whilst reducing your administrative burdens and saving you money. You’ll also be backed by a best-in-industry warranty of up to $2,000,000 if your SSL is misused, hacked or met with a data breach due to flaws in the certificate.

Benefits and features

  • Extended Validation - The green address bar with your company name to boost customer confidence and improve conversion rates
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy and server licenses
  • Our 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Trusted by 99.99% of internet browers
  • Issuance time: less than 2 days
  • A free security assessment, a MySSL® account and full dedicated account management
  • Up to $2,000,000 warranty
  • Free base SAN + Free WWW SAN
  • Subscription up to 6-years
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption, compatible with all browsers, operating systems, applications and devices
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptograhy (ECC) encryption

Exclusive benefits and features

  • Priority Vetting Support (Exclusive to EnterpriseSSL Pro products)
  • Free Priority Technical Support (Pro only)
  • SSL Labs Healthcheck by Qualys
  • Free Vulnerability Assessment (VA) scan by Qualys

Choosing the right SSL Certificate

SSL247 are official Platinum Partners with Sectigo, including EnterpriseSSL. This means that you can always contact one of our accredited consultants for more information or personalised, expert advice on which product is the best option for securing your business.

Improve your visitors’ trust with Extended Validation

With an EV certificate, the address bar on your visitors’ browsers will turn green and your company name will be displayed. This is today’s most recognisable sign of online security, preferred by 93% of online shoppers. Extended Validation gives your customers the confidence to shop or share personal information on your site, while phishers have an impossible time trying to hijack your brand. That’s two big wins from one single SSL certificate.

EnterpriseSSL Trust Seal

The EnterpriseSSL Trust Seal can be added to communicate to users that browsing your website is secure, verify that transactions are encrypted and any personal information collected is secure.
The Comodo TrustLogo has now been replaced with the Sectigo Trust Seal.

Sectigo Trust Seal

Would you like to know more about EnterpriseSSL?

SSL247® are certified Sectigo Platinum Partners, and experts in PositiveSSL, EnterpriseSSL and Sectigo web security solutions. If you need help to decide which is the right certificate for your business, you can try our wizard or contact us directly to speak to one of our accredited consultants for more information and personalised advice:
+45 (8) 082 0060