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OV SSL Validation Checklist

When Sectigo issues an Organization Validation SSL certificate, we will verify that your organization is a legal, legitimate entity. Sectigo will issue your digital certificate after verifying your organization through a few steps including confirming your organization’s presence in the registered location, telephone numbers, and domain ownership.

  • Organization Validation: To ensure the process begins smoothly, double check that all information registered with your state or country matches information supplied at checkout and in your user dashboard and is up to date. Sectigo will confirm that your organization is registered and active in the location provided.
  • Locality Validation: Sectigo will verify that your organization is legally registered in the state or country you have provided. We will confirm that you have a legitimate physical presence within the area registered. We can typically verify this information through a government database. Should additional information be required, we will notify you.
  • Telephone Validation: In order to receive an OV certificate, you must have a registered active telephone listing that is verifiable by an online telephone directory. It is important that your listing matches the exact business name and physical address that have been provided and verified.
  • Domain Validation: In this step, we will confirm that the domain you are registering the certificate for is in fact owned by your organization. To do this, we will start by searching the internet database that houses domain registrar information, WHOIS.
  • Final Verification Call: The final step of verification is simple. We will call the telephone number associated with your organization to verify ownership and order. This is a short call and all you need to do is ensure you or a designated site admin are available and pick up the phone.