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DV SSL Certificate Validation Requirements

Domain Validated SSL certificates are the most basic and easiest to validate using a single step to verify the person or organization who owns the registered domain. To complete the validation, the domain owner must prove that they own the domain that was submitted with the order.

  • Preferred Validation Method: The easiest and preferred method is completing the verification with email-based authentication. Using this preferred method, we will send an email to the WHOIS registrar email address asking you to verify that you purchased a DV certificate. Once you positively respond to our email, the requirement is considered satisfied and the certificate can be issued within minutes of a completed order.
    As an alternative to the WHOIS registered email, we can send the authentication email to one of five pre-approved email addresses associated with the website domain. The five pre-approved addresses are:
    • Admin@name-of-site.com
    • Administrator@name-of-site.com
    • Webmaster@name-of-site.com
    • Hostmaster@name-of-site.com
    • Postmaster@name-of-site.com
  • Alternative Methods of Validation: If the email Domain Validation does not work for your particular situation, there are alternative methods.
    • File-Based Authentication – we will provide you with a text file that you will need to upload to the root directory of your website. This will then be verified by us via HTTP or HTTPS.
    • CNAME-Based Authentication – we will provide you with two unique hash values (these are MD5 and SHA1). You, in turn, must enter them in your CNAME DNS record.